Why Youth (14-19)?

Most Israeli and Palestinian youth have seen, experienced and/or participated in violence at some point in their early life. Already in the critical development stage, attitudes of hatred, enmity, victimization, and violence begin to emerge. From one generation to the next, the dehumanization and demonization of the other side is ingrained in youth without ever having met the other.

At the same time, Musalaha recognizes opportunities to engage youth who tend to be more open to building relationships, learning about reconciliation and justice, and identity formation in relation to the “other” as a source of strength to provide training in reconciliation leadership.

Our Work

Musalaha runs several projects amongst youth: Overseas youth exchange and volunteering projects, youth leadership workshops, and desert encounters.

Our overseas youth exchange and volunteering projects begin with Palestinian and Israeli youth staying in a European country for 8-10 days. The trip includes identity and reconciliation workshops and exercises, fun extracurricular activities, and engaging with European youth from the host country. Later in the year, the European youth will complete the exchange by visiting Israel-Palestine and volunteering locally.

Our desert encounters and reconciliation workshops are customized to the target group and are provided locally and internationally upon request.

Musalaha holds a Quality Label under the European Solidarity Corp and is hosting volunteering projects with European Partners (e.g. Erasmus+)