Musalaha Youth programs bring Israeli and Palestinian youth together to build relationships, learn principles of reconciliation, provide training in reconciliation leadership, and equip them with tools to become agents of change in their communities. 

Musalaha aims at reaching three different groups of individuals: children (ages 8-12); youth/teenagers (ages 13-19); and youth leaders (19+). Musalaha brings these youth and youth leaders together through desert encounters, summer camps, reconciliation leadership trainings, and spiritual formation meetings.  

Due to the nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli and Palestinian youth harbor attitudes of hatred, enmity, bitterness, victimization, aggression and violence. From one generation to the next, the cycle repeats itself. The dehumanization and demonization of the other side is ingrained in youth without ever having met the other. Therefore, we seek to:

  • Provide a forum for meeting on neutral ground, where youth have the opportunity to establish friendships and foster attitudes of love, peace and tolerance through learning biblical principles of reconciliation 
  • Teach these youth about reconciliation leadership which will play a large part in bringing change in this region. Follow-up sessions focus on leadership skills where youth are given the opportunity to practically implement these tools in our reconciliation work
  • Train youth leaders through the development of our Youth Curriculum Training manual. 

Furthermore, we empower young people by giving them the opportunity to respond to societal challenges through Youth Exchanges and volunteering projects.

Musalaha holds a Quality Label under the European Solidarity Corp and is hosting volunteering projects with European Partners (e.g. Erasmus+).