Young adults in Israel and Palestine are forced to engage with the conflict directly. They are influenced by the regional upheaval, political movements, social protests, and (for Jewish Israelis) mandatory military service. Musalaha’s Young Adult programs aim to give young Palestinians and Israelis the opportunity to start, continue, and lead others in the journey of reconciliation. 

As Musalaha reaches out to the entire community, the Young Adult programs offer activities not only to communities that share common faith in Jesus, but also to communities of varying religious backgrounds. 

The Young Adult programs strive to bring Palestinians and Israelis closer to reconciliation. Programs begin with a first encounter in a neutral location, away from associations of the conflict and away from the stresses of everyday life. In this environment, participants tend to express their feelings more freely, and more earnestly listen to and cooperate with each other. Musalaha offers ongoing activities to those who have already experienced a first encounter. These additional events serve to enhance new friendships, increase understanding, immerse participants in topics of reconciliation, and equip them with the skills to deal with conflict in their personal lives. 

Musalaha began a Young Adult Leadership Training Program in 2013, through which we prepare and guide Palestinian and Israeli young adults to become leaders in their respective communities. Through Musalaha’s various reconciliation programs (e.g. neutral-location first encounters, leadership opportunities, seminars) we empower these individuals with knowledge and understanding of issues concerning reconciliation and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, helping them to become positive influences and advocates for peace and unity in their communities.