Young Adult Bridge Builders Encounter Norway


This past August 9-19, Musalaha in cooperation with the Palestinian Bible  Society, the Free Church of Norway, the Norwegian Church Ministry to Israel, the Caspari Center, BIG Grimstad Bible College, and Return 2 Sender, brought  together a group of 10 Israelis, 10 Palestinians, and 10 Norwegians in the east  side of Norway.

These 30 young adults spent 10 days camping, hiking, visiting churches, studying the Bible, and learning about reconciliation together. Stepping outside of the hostilities and tension in Israel and Palestine, this group met in a spiritual oasis, and the distance from the conflict allowed for meaningful  interactions to take place. This group of young people embarked on the journey of reconciliation, a journey they are excited to continue here. They were hesitant to return to the chaos that awaits them at home, but we pray that what they have learned remains in their hearts. Participants said that “God wants us to see each other through his eyes,” and that he wants us “to be ambassadors [Bridges2] for each other, even when we don’t

This encounter was one of strength and hope in times of darkness, where we opened our hearts to each other, creating a spark of light that can continue to shine back home.