Through the Women’s programs, Musalaha seeks to empower women in different segments of Israeli and Palestinian societies to become agents of reconciliation and to bring change to their respective communities.

Women play a critical role in the processes of peace and reconciliation, however most Middle Eastern cultures do not encourage the participation of women in the political, socio-economic arenas, and even within the infrastructure of the church. Prejudice and intolerance as well as tolerance and understanding are learned behaviors that first develop in the home. Women not only impact their circles of influence, they instill cultural values in their children that can transform their societies.

The volatile nature of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians impacts the family in a negative way. Hurt, bitterness and unchecked anger can lead to deep wounds, which feed into the never-ending cycle of hatred and violence. It is therefore necessary for Palestinian Christian and Messianic Jewish women to come together to initiate reconciliation and dialogue that leads to healing. Only through personal one-on-one contact can women begin to view one another as something more than an enemy, or faceless adversary. It is also important to equip women, help lead their families and communities towards reconciliation, and to realize their potential as agents of change. We seek to accomplish this through the following:

  • To train women in leadership and reconciliation
  • To multiply our Israeli and Palestinian women’s groups in different regions
  • To impact our societies through community building projects
  • To empower women through education, community development, democracy, networking, project management, and social change
  • To establish women’s groups in remote communities