Rooted in Reconciliation 

Power to Reconcile 

Religion: An Obstacle or Solution to Peace?

Reconciliation Based on Justice or Just-Us?

Freedom from Hatred

Collective Trauma, The Brain, and Reconciliation


 ❄ Gratitude for 30 Years Musalaha.

Email Newsletter | No. 12

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Email Newsletter | No. 09

Accepting responsibility and resisting fatalism

Email Newsletter | No. 08 

Email Newsletter | No. 07

It’s getting hot!

Email Newsletter | No. 06

They are too young!

Email Newsletter | No. 05

From isolation of the coronavirus to the intimacy of the cross. 

Email Newsletter | No. 04

Attempting reconciliation in a roller coaster situation.

Email Newsletter | No. 03

Reconciliation is a lifestyle, not a quick fix solution.

Email Newsletter | No. 02

Our reflection on Trump’s proposed peace plan.

Email Newsletter | No. 01

Christian Leadership is like an Orchestra.

Email Newsletter | Dec 13, 2019 | A Christmas Message from Salim

A Christmas Message from Salim.

Winter Newsletter 2019

Winter Newsletter | December, 2019

Read our Winter Newsletter here:

Email Newsletter | Nov 22, 2019 | Hope in the Jordanian Desert

Hope in the Jordanian Desert.

Email Newsletter | Nov 01, 2019 | Are we experiencing a second wave of the Arab Spring?

Are we experiencing a second wave of the Arab Spring?

Email Newsletter | Oct 11, 2019 | Do we really have freedom of religion?

Do we really have freedom of religion?

Email Newsletter | Sep 19, 2019 | Elections.

Email Newsletter | Aug 22, 2019 | We are no victims. We are women of power

We are no victims. We are women of power.

Email Newsletter | Aug 02, 2019 | Where Negotiation begins

Where Negotiation begins.

Email Newsletter | July 12, 2019 | What happens in the camp, shall not stay in the camp

What happens in the camp, shall not stay in the camp.

Email Newsletter | June 14, 2019 | The Superheroes of Summer

The Superheroes of Summer.

Email Newsletter | May 14, 2019 | A Trip across the Pond 

A Trip across the Pond.

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In this issue: Obstacles to Narrative, Young Mothers’ Report, Musalaha and Me, and Learning about Islam.

In this issue: Hearing Past Our Differences, Young Adult Reflections After Gaza Conflict, and a Munayer Family Update.

In this issue we cover Musalaha summer camps, courageous love, and standing together.

In this issue: Youth Desert Encounter, Women’s Training, and our Young Mother’s Group.

In this issue: Remembering Rightly, Training Teachers, and ‘I Have A Right.’

Topics we talk about in this issue include: working for a better Bethlehem, identity, and history and narrative.

In this issue: Reclaiming Identity, Zebabdeh Summer Camp, and West Bank Training.

In this issue: Learning to Love Freely, A Dream of Reconciliation, and Exploring Identity.

In this issue: The Importance of Relationships, Committing to Stewardship, and being United By The King of Angels. 

In this issue: Understanding Youth, Sharing Our Narratives, and Nothing Short of a Miracle.

In this issue: This Is Why We Are Here, Does It Have To End?, and Exceeding Expectations. 

In this issue: Addressing Trauma, Youth Desert Encounter Album, and The Harvest Is Plenty. 

In this issue: Breaking the Cycle: Reflections from National Women’s Reconciliation Training. 

In this issue: Voices of Change, Musalaha in Europe, and Youth Leadership Training Report.

In this issue: Like Little Children, Hebron Camp Report, and Upcoming Events.

In this issue: Youth Desert Report, Gearing into Action, Cyprus Report, Sound and Sand, and Family Update.

In this issue: Events of Reconciliation, Groundbreaking Shift in the Arab World, and Family Update.

In this issue: Christian Muslim Report, Conflict Transformation, Narratives Through Film, and Family Update.

In this issue: Narrative in Conflict, Summer Fun, and Family Update.

In this issue: Forward in Fellowship and Faith.

In this issue: Lives Transformed in the Midst of Conflict.

In this issue: Celebrating 20 Years of Fruitfulness, Reconciling Leaders, Building Bridges, and Historical Narratives.

In this issue: Friendship Through the Flames, Youth Leadership Training, Summer Blessings, and Family Update.

In this issue: Staff Update, Cyprus Reflections, Challenges that Keep Us Looking Forward, and Family Update.

In this issue: Healing Brokenness, Reconciliation, Conversations on the Conflict From Young Adults, and Reflections and Perspective During the Gaza Conflict.