April 08, 2020

Dear Friends,

I write to you in the middle (if it is the middle) of the Corona virus outbreak. We in Jerusalem are on almost complete lock down and have been for several weeks. Unsure what to say about this I thought I would write our news in a series of highs and lows as that is what life feels like at the moment. I am taken back to the days when the children were small and I used to dress up to go to the Supermarket or at least wear clean clothes…history repeating itself.

High: Jack and Rawan are expecting their second baby 1/8/20, a brother for little Salim.

Low: little Salim is stuck in doors like the rest of us only he is 20 months old and does not sit still!

High: Daniel is now working for Musalaha and its development.

Low: Most Musalaha activities have been put on hold temporarily, some moved to virtual settings.

High: John came back home to do an internship in Jerusalem till end the of April.

Low: He is stuck here and his University in Amsterdam is doing online teaching (him being stuck here is actually a high for me 🙂

High: Sam is doing very well at University in Durham and got a much-coveted job of Student Ambassador.

Low: He came here a few weeks ago as his University closed and put all work on line (another high for me though). His Ambassador job is on hold.

Double low: My Mother died 9/2/20 after many years of Vascular Dementia.

High: I flew to UK for the funeral and got to spend 2 1/2 weeks there and returned before flying became difficult due to the Corona Virus.

High: Daniel, John and Sam are home making the quarantines much more endurable.

Low: Less space in the house, more noise and they eat so much (but it is all high’s really!).

High: I have discovered a walking exercise series on YOUTUBE which is great for my age (and abilities or disabilities depending on how you look at it).

High: Salim has a lot more time at home.

Low: He does not like this or take to it very well.

High: The air is cleaner, neighbourhood quieter, more time to ‘be’.

Low: Can not get several things fixed including my watch and all this sitting and thinking is a bit boring.


I would like to encourage all people at this time dealing with the sudden and rapid changes forced upon us all due to the Corona Virus.

The Munayers have enough and even more than we need, we are grateful.

It is a time to reflect and change some of our habits and lifestyles, a time to tackle some of the issues that need tackling.

Hoping next newsletter will be one bursting with good news and positivity.


Kay Munayer for all the family.