SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

The coronavirus is in full swing all around the world, so I expect what I’m experiencing in Israel is not so far removed from others in your own country.

It’s strange though.

My favorite late-night shows are not streaming from New York or Los Angeles. Instead, we wait to hear new restrictions from the Prime Minister (is he though? New elections and upcoming trials may prove he’s just another grandpa screaming at kids to get off his lawn).

I don’t have any criticism of the government, I can’t. How do I know if the measures they are taking are draconian or too lenient? I don’t know the threat, I’m not a doctor or nurse. 

The newest living condition is that the government will track you. They’ve been given “war powers” authority from the Parliament to track anyone supposedly on quarantine by phone and arrest them and fine them if they break quarantine. Wonder what they’ll do with the law when this is all over – just ask America and Homeland Security Laws.

As the parent of a soldier, I happen to be one of the lucky ones. My soldier is home. She’s told to stay here for two weeks. Then, the crew that are working now will go home and she will report to base. So, I’m glad to have her home.

As the parent of a university student overseas, not so much. She’s been taking classes online, but without knowing the type of course completion examinations, we were unable to bring her home if she has to go back in April. So, she stayed put.  Now, the university finally commited to the entire semester online and she’s coming home. But are their flights? At whatever cost, will the world let her travel through to get home?

As a worker, I’m out of work. No gatherings of over 10 people, and now only immediate family, so no current meetings between Israelis and Palestinians. We’re keeping busy planning for summer camps and next fall, but for now, I’m on unpaid leave.

As the wife of a small business owner, I get to see my husband more (the good in all this), but his factory can remain open for the time being. He makes air filters, so his business may actually increase in this environment.

As a person? Not going outside or seeing my elderly mother is already causing a bit of depression. No one knows how long this will last or how many people will die, so there’s only One that can comfort me, and I find I go to Him more often during the day.

Join me…I’ll feel your presence even if we’re not in the same room.


Musalaha’s Project Manager – Hedva Haymov