Over the past 30+ years, Musalaha has developed expertise in a number of subjects that are also taught as university courses at the highest academic level. Our staff have a variety of expertise who provide a combination of academic and groundwork analysis on topics relevant to our context and our reconciliation efforts among Palestinians and Israelis.

We invite people of all backgrounds to explore and engage with us. Please send us a message through the form below if you are interested in setting up a lecture for your group.

Lecture topics include:

  • Introduction to Musalaha – Provides a brief introduction to the ministry of Musalaha.
  • Biblical Principles of Reconciliation – Provides an overview of reconciliation in the Bible, focusing on principles of reconciliation as emphasized in I John 4.
  • Stages of Reconciliation – Describes the process of reconciliation.
  • Obstacles to Reconciliation – Focuses on the challenges of reconciliation.
  • Theological Issues Related to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Theology of the Land, End-Time Theology, etc.
  • Overview of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – An overview of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that is helpful in contextualizing all that a group sees and hears while visiting the land.
  • A Christian Response to Radical Islam – It begins with a background to the rise of radical Islam, briefly discussing its historical, social, political, cultural and religious background.  It then presents an alternative Christian response.
  • Introduction to Israeli Society
  • The Palestinian Historical Narrative
  • Introduction to Judaism
  • Introduction to Palestinian Christianity – This includes Palestinian Christian Hermeneutic

Tell us a bit about your group, when you would like to receive a lecture, and what topics are of interest to you. We will be in touch!