Project Manager – Musalaha Academy (part-time)


Established in 1990, Musalaha is a faith-based organization that teaches, trains, and facilitates reconciliation mainly between Israelis and Palestinians from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, and also international groups, based on biblical principles of reconciliation.


Our Work:

Musalaha’s definition of reconciliation is twofold. (1) Restoring Individual and Group Relationships – this means constructively engaging with the other side to allow inner healing to take place, rebuilding trust, and reclaiming one’s identity to bless one’s neighbor. This includes taking concrete steps towards a more peaceful environment. (2) Addressing Systematic Injustices – this means dealing with the core issues of the conflict and challenging policies, systems, legal structures, etc. that oppress people and cause an imbalance of power, which damages the ability to reconcile.

While working through the process of reconciliation, Musalaha has developed a sustainable process, known as the 6 Stages of Reconciliation and a Curriculum of Reconciliation consisting of 24 chapters. Our work is implemented among women, young adults, youth, children, civil society leaders, Musalaha alumni, and other international settings around the globe. 


Overarching purpose of the role:

This position must fulfill a part of Musalaha’s strategic plan: Spreading Musalaha’s expertise, knowledge, and vision of reconciliation internationally. This position must deliver on a new Musalaha initiative, the Musalaha Academy, initiative aiming to significantly increase the reach of our highly recognized 22-chapter Curriculum of Reconciliation. This position must lead the initiative to strengthen not only the Israeli and Palestinian civil society but also have reach and applicability in a variety of conflicts across the globe. This position will expose a variety of stakeholders to the readily available online peace-building courses, training workshops, and research materials.


Main aspects of this role consist of:

(1) Connect and Develop – Reach out and build relationships with educational institutions locally and globally who are interested in using the material on the Musalaha Academy. (2) Manage and Coordinate – Work with team members with the purpose of successfully providing users support to students and educators that are using Musalaha’s reconciliation-based material and activities on the online platform. (3) Report – Communicate in writing and verbally with the Musalaha Staff and donors sponsoring the Musalaha Academy in a professional and timely manner. This may include writing applications, reports, sections for Musalaha’s newsletter, and conducting project evaluations. 


Accountable to: Programs Director

Responsible for: One project – Musalaha Academy.

Job level: Manager


Duties, Responsibilities and Tasks:



• Develop and manage the Musalaha Academy online platform.

• Develop and contribute to the content of Musalaha’s 22-chapter Curriculum of Reconciliation.

• Provide leadership and strategic planning for Musalaha.

• Define and implement yearly goals and objectives for the Musalaha Academy.

• Report to the Programs Director of Musalaha, and contribute to Musalaha’s working groups, or other parts of Musalaha’s wider work, as requested.

• Work towards ensuring the Musalaha Academy becomes financially sustainable.



• To liaise with universities and explore academic accreditation opportunities.

• To liaise with universities, schools, churches, etc. and expose a variety of stakeholders to our reconciliation platform.

• To oversee the platform while managing the traffic on the platform.

• Ensure constant feedback and concerns from users and partners and act upon the feedback.

• Coordinate and cooperate with existing reconciliation and peace actors in the region.

• Liaise with Musalaha’s IT personnel ensuring all technical functions are running smoothly.



• Reach out to and communicate with educational institutions in a professional manner.

• Provide content to the Communication Manager ensuring external communication of projects.

• Ensure effective communication within Musalaha, promoting a healthy organizational culture.

• Provide updates on projects at the weekly staff meetings.

• Build and maintain relationships with key partners and stakeholders.



• Ensure all financial expenditures of the projects are filed (by receipt) in an organized fashion.

• Ensure all receipts are delivered to the accountant.


Essentials and Skills:

• Commitment to the visions and work of Musalaha.

• Commitment to Musalaha’s Code of Conduct.

• High understanding of the academic institutions and academic standards.

• High understanding of navigating university level online platforms. 

• Excellent leadership, management, and organizational skills.

• Fluent in English and a local language, ideally Arabic.

• Proven track record of developing an organization, with experience in cross-cultural settings, budgets, and operations.

• Highly interpersonal and good team player.

• Ability to inspire and motivate groups of people.

• Significant advantage if published an article in an academic journal.



• Minimum 3 years of relevant professional experience in Project Management or lead change management, as well as in editorial management of various academic work. 

• Work experience in cross-cultural settings and in globally diverse teams.

• University degree in International Relations/Political Science/Social Science/or equivalent.


How to Apply:

(1) Please provide a full CV in English.

(2) Contact details of 2 referees, one of whom must be your most recent employer.

(3) Provide a supporting statement (2-3 paragraphs) stating why you are applying for this post and explain how you will fulfil the requirements detailed above.


Applications should be emailed to using reference Project Manager – Musalaha Academy. Closing date for applications is 5pm Jerusalem time on 30th of September. If you do not hear back from us in the month of October, it means your application was unsuccessful.