New Book Release (Nov, 2020): JOURNEY THROUGH THE STORM

Lessons from Musalaha – Ministry of Reconciliation
By Salim J. Munayer

From wars and ethnic strife to religious tensions and cultural misunderstandings, conflict is an ongoing reality in our world. Yet complacency and acceptance are not options for Christians called to forgiveness, transformation, and the holy work of loving our neighbors. Rather, we must choose the radical, demanding, and difficult work of reconciliation.

Journey through the Storm unpacks Musalaha’s thirty years of practical experience building bridges, healing division, and following Christ in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Composed of essays, curriculum excerpts, interviews, and real-life testimonies, this collection offers insight into the theory, theology, and application of Musalaha’s six stages of reconciliation. It is a powerful, hopeful, and deeply realistic look at the demands and rewards of transforming the “other” into a neighbor and an enemy into a friend.


The book is available for sale from Langham and through many major retailers around the world. Some of them are:

Musalaha: A Curriculum of Reconciliation

Musalaha has just published a Revised First Edition of our Curriculum of Reconciliation. We have added entirely new material to one of the chapters, “Dealing with Trauma.” We have also included two new appendices, one with suggested activities for each chapter, and the second with questionnaires for each chapter. The questionnaires help determine how well the material was taught, how much the students learned, and whether or not there was any change in attitude as a result of teaching. We are excited to use this updated material in our own work as it gives our leaders more effective tools to use when working with their groups.

Through My Enemy’s Eyes
By Salim J. Munayer and Lisa Loden (2013)

This book addresses the universal theological dimension of reconciliation in the context of the Israeli Messianic Jewish and Palestinian Christian divide. The struggle for reconciliation is painful and often extremely difficult for all of us. This unique work seeks to show a way forward. 

The Land Cries Out
Salim J. Munayer and Lisa Loden (2011)

The chapters presented in this book form a unique collection of voices speaking from different perspectives on the issue of theology of the land. These voices include Messianic Jewish and Palestinian Christian theologians and scholars who live in the Holy Land, as well as other from around the world. The various chapters reflect a wide spectrum of opinion and reveal how much disagreement still exists among followers of Christ. However, the dialogue generated by having these opposing voices side by side, speaking to each other rather than past each other, is encouraging. This book is both challenging and inspirational, and contributes to this important discussion.

Journey Through the Storm
Salim J. Munayer (2011)

This collection of articles offers a unique perspective on Musalaha. This volume is presented with devotionals, interviews, reports and articles that Israelis and Palestinians have written about the journey of reconciliation. This book is available in our offices and we hope to make it available via in the near future.

You Have Heard it Said: Events of Reconciliation
Jonathan McRacy (2011)

This collection of stories is an excellent introduction to some of the issues faced by Israeli and Palestinian followers of the Messiah, and chronicles the journey toward reconciliation they have chosen to take. The road to reconciliation is long and difficult, and the struggle is vividly portrayed in these narratives. Reading these stories and the reflections that follow them leave the reader with a picture of real human interaction which goes beyond the stereotypes and caricatures. These stories offer an authentic glimpse into the lives of Israeli and Palestinian believers, the challenges they face, their fears and their hopes. The stories in this book can be difficult to read as they show how much distance still needs to be covered. At the same time, they also inspire hope and show the brave examples of those few who are working toward reconciliation. They prove that coexistence is possible, and can serve as a model for the future.

Musalaha Songbook
Compiled by Israeli and Palestinian Worship Leaders (2004)

This is a collection of 96 Hebrew, Arabic and mixed worship songs, including musical notation, guitar chords, translations, and transliteration. To order, please email us.

In the Footsteps of our Father Abraham
Edited by Salim J. Munayer (2002)

A revised version of Musalaha’s first volume, this book includes articles written in the early years of Musalaha’s ministry and contains an additional section of articles written in the past year. Contributors to the text include Palestinian Christians, Israeli Messianic Jews, and international Christians. It is a unique mix of perspectives and experiences from our twelve years of activity in reconciliation.

The Bible and the Land: An Encounter
Edited by Lisa Loden, Peter Walker, and Michael Wood (2000)

A collection of articles on Theology of the Land from Messianic Jewish, Palestinian Christian, and international Christian perspectives. (Sold out. We are currently in the process of reprinting.)

Seeking and Pursuing Peace 

A compilation of articles on the Biblical foundations of peace, and practical experiences on reconciliation between Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews. Contributors are local and international believers. (Sold out. We are currently in the process of reprinting.)