Appeal Letter: Gaza Conflict 2009


Nearly three weeks have passed since the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians began in the Gaza Strip. The suffering and devastation are great. The number of Palestinians and Israelis killed and wounded is insurmountable. The trauma, pain, and wounds inflicted are not fleeting. Both Palestinian and Israeli believers are caught in the midst of the crisis. 

While both peoples are plagued by a lack of security, there is a severe and critical lack of fresh water, food, fuel for cooking, electricity, medicine, clothing and blankets in Gaza. Children in southern Israel are unable to attend school, hindering many from preparing for their matriculation exams and many of the elderly are unable to leave their homes to purchase the necessary supplies they need to survive.

We believe it is our call as believers to intervene and do what we can in this situation. This is why we are submitting a letter of appeal to our brothers and sisters around the world that if the Lord lay on your heart to take action you would be willing to give in one of the following areas.

Some of the physical and emotional needs we are hoping to provide are:

1.)    Food & Clothing

2.)    Blankets

3.)    Medicine

4.)    Teaching on dealing with trauma, especially for children

5.)    Helping restore relationships

6.)    Reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians

We ask you to please keep this grave situation in your prayers. This appeal is put forth by Musalaha Director Salim Munayer and Beit Asaph Pastor Evan Thomas. We are working in partnership with Life Agape, the Shepherd’s Society, Bethlehem Bible College, the Palestinian Bible Society and with the Evangelical Alliance Church’s Gaza Relief Action Team. They will be channeling these goods through Gaza Baptist Church. Beit Asaph will appeal to the Messianic congregations in Israel to also participate in this initiative and reach out to the torn communities in southern Israel.

If you wish to help during this humanitarian crisis, you can make a a secure online donation through our website, Please specify that the fund is designated towards helping those affected by the war.

We ask that you continue to uplift this situation in your prayers that Lord would intervene and bring his peace to both people groups.